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Greater output, lower input

Josh Woodard - Wednesday, November 26, 2008
The concept of management (entrepreneurship, in particular) is to increase output and decrease input.  Fairly simple, right?  Increase revenue, decrease cost, and you've got more profit -- simple.  Well, I can think of at least one resource that, no matter what, you should not skimp on the inputs -- human resources.
We have been gearing up for a nice sized job in Arizona.  Doing asbestos abatement in any unfamiliar state can be quite complex, and that is why a lot of abatement companies choose not to travel.  Of all the things we have had to do to get squared away in Arizona, the most challenging has been making arrangements for the employees.  Here are few brief examples:
  1. Mode of Travel -- If you have ever planned a family vacation you know it is tough; try planning for 15 people.  Keep in mind you are trying to minimize travel expenses -- your goal is to take as few vehicles as possible.  Your employees' goal is to ride in comfort and avoid any personal costs.  What do you do?  EAT THE COST.
  2. Lodging -- So, your employees are going to be sharing rooms.  Do you put 2 or 3 in a room?  Do you get a room with a kitchenette?  Etc.  Your goal is to decrease the per person cost of lodging.  Your employees' goal is to get a nice room, preferrably alone, but at least with someone they like.  EAT THE COST.
  3. Work Schedules -- In town, employees like having time after work for hobbies and family, etc.  Out of town, the less free time the better.  You want to avoid overtime.  Your employees want to work as much as possible and get back home.  EAT THE COST.

Fact:  Employees are more productive when they are happy, healthy, and focused.  When you take your people out of town be sensitive to their needs and see how it improves your business.